Armour Page Glossary

  English Acronyms
APFSDS Armor Piercing, Fin Stabilized, Discarding Sabot; a type of anti-tank rounds that defeat an armored target by means of kinetic energy of a subcaliber projectile placed inside of a sheath, or 'sabot', that is discarded in flight. Russian APFSDS rounds have a designation 3BM[number].
APS Active Protection System; a system that automatically intercepts threats that attack the protected object in the immediate vicinity of the object. Essentially the APS is a super-close-in system of "anti-missile defense" that creates an "active" zone of protection at a safe distance around the objects. (See Arena APS)
ATGM Anti-Tank Guided Missile
EFC Effective Full Charge; the measure of gun barrel life, or conversely the amount of erosion exerted on a barrel by a round of a particular type. Generally HEF or HEAT rounds have EFC of 1, while APFSDS rounds have EFC rating that can reach 5.
EOCMDAS Electro-Optical Counter-Measures Defensive Aids Suite; a system that interferes with the operation of guided munitions and FCS, degrading their effectiveness. (See Shtora EOCMDAS)
ERA Explosive Reactive Armor; an applique armor that consists of a HE layer between two metal slabs. When a HEAT round strikes a ERA package, HE layer detonates inducing a spin of metal slabs which causes HEAT jet to collapse or lose penetrating power. Modern Russian ERA is also effective against APFSDS rounds. (See On ERA, Kontakt-5 ERA)
FCS Fire Control System; a complex of targeting, rangefinding, fire solution computation, and sensor equipment that enhances the fire accuracy, especially at long ranges.
HE High Explosive
HEAT High Explosive Anti-Tank; a type of anti-tank rounds that defeat an armored target by means of a hyper-velocity jet that is formed when a charge consisting of a concave metal hemisphere or cone (known as a liner) backed by a high explosive detonates. Russian tank HEAT projectiles have a designation 3BK[number].
HEF High Explosive Fragmentation; a type of rounds that contains a HE charge together with preformed hitting elements or a controlled fragmentation layer, increasing its anti-personel effectiveness. Russian tank-carried HEF projectiles have a designation 3OF[number].
MBT Main Battle Tank.
NBC Nuclear, Biological, Chemical; the use of these types of weapons on a battlefield, or tanks equipment designed to protect the crew from the effects of these weapons.
RHA Rolled Homogeneous Armor; a process of armor manufacturing that ensures its uniformity and enhances resistance to penetration. Often used in the same sense as RHAe.
RHAe Rolled Homogeneous Armor Equivalent; an equivalent RHA thickness of a given armor package against a given type of threats in terms of penetration resistance. Modern armor packages may be several times more efficient against certain threats than RHA of the same thickness.
  Russian Acronyms (transcription)
BK In rounds and projectiles designations -- Broneboinyi Kumulyativnyi (Armor-Piercing Cumulative), HEAT
BM In rounds and projectiles designations -- Beats Me :) Seriously though, B obviously stands for Broneboinyi (Armor-Piercing), but what the Hell is M? Help welcome! (I have received a version that this, historically, stands for Broneboinyi Moschnyi (Armor-Piercing Increased Power). Might be... The quest continues)
DVE Datchik Vetra Emkostnoy, Capacity Wind Sensor
GBTU Glavnoe Bronetankovoe Upravlenie, Main Armor Directorate
GRAU Glavnoe Raketno-Artilleriyskoe Upravlenie, Main Rocket and Artillery Directorate
GTD Gazoturbinnyi Dvigatel, Gas-Turbine Engine
OPVT Oborudovanie Podvodnogo Vozhdenija Tanka, Underwater Tank Driving Equipment
PKT Pulemyot Kalashnikova Tankovyi, Kalashnikov Machine-gun Tank version
PNK Pritsel'no-Nabludatel'nyi Kompleks, [Commander's] Targetting and Observation Complex
T In tanks designations -- Guess yourself :)
TKN Tankovyi Kompleks Nabludeniya, Tank Observation Complex
TNA Tankovaya Navigatsionnaya Apparatura, Tank Navigation Equipment
U In rounds designations -- Upravlyaemyi, Guided
In rounds designations -- Unitarnyi, Unitary
In tanks designations -- Usovershenstvovannyi, Improved
V In rounds designations -- Vystrel, Round

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