"V" Line of Diesel Engines

"V" line of 4-cycle, V-type, 12-cylinder, liquid cooled, supercharged multifuel diesel engines is manufactured by Chelyabinsk tractor plant (ChTZ). This famous line of Soviet/Russian tank engines can be traced back to V-2 engine of the legendary T-34. The latest until recently, 840hp V-84MS drive-supercharged engine is installed on T-72B MBT and its later developments, T-72B(M) and T-90 MBTs.

This engine is very robust and unpretentious and operates reliably in adverse natural conditions including extremely cold and hot climes, dusty terrain and so on. However, it's power is somewhat small by today's standards. A new 1000hp V-92S2 engine that has arrived to replace it is the first engine of the line with a turbo-supercharger. This new engine, apparently installed on T-90 Vladimir MBTs and T-90 MBTs that are to be shipped to India, offers impressive specific power and specific fuel consumption characteristics.

Designation V-84MS V-92S2 V-99
Dimensions L1,480 x W896 x H902
Weight 1,020 kg
Supercharger Drive Turbine
Power 840 hp (618 kW) 1000 hp (735 kW) 1200 hp (882 kW)
Specific power 700 hp/m3 840 hp/m3 1000 hp/m3
Specific fuel cons. 182 g/hphour
(247 g/kWhour)
156 g/hphour
(212 g/kWhour)
Compression ratio 14
Max. torque 3335 Nm
Torque reserve 6 .. 18 % 25 .. 30 %
Number of cycles 4
Number of cylinders 12
Layout V 60°
Piston stroke 180/186.7


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