Kord 12.7mm HMG

Kord HMG

20 years of experience with NSV HMG have revealed some disadvantages of the system, e.g. the dispersion of the HMG no longer satisfied the military. This, together with the need to switch to the local production base (NSVT being produced in Kazakhstan), gave birth to the new 12.7 HMG, called Kord.

This machine-gun was developed in Kovrovo by A.A.Namitulin, N.M.Obidin, Ju.M.Bogdanov and V.I.Zhirokhin.

The differences include sliding breech-block instead of a wedge, belt-feed from both sides, efficient muzzle break/flame suppressor, and a new barrel design that provides for even barrel heating during firing resulting in 1.5-2 times dispersion reduction, as well as simpified barrel replacement.

According to estimates, Kord gunner will need on average 20 rounds to hit a running man at 1000 m, 5 to hit a vehicle, and he will need just 13 rounds to reliably immobilize an APC at 2000 m.

This machine-gun is being produced by Degtyaryov plant (ZID).

Kord HMG
Kord breech-block


Machine-gun: 6P49 Kord
Weight (empty): 27 kg
Effective range: 2,000 m
Rate of fire: 600 rds/min
Ammo box: 50 .. 150 rounds
Cartridge type: 12.7x108mm
Ammo types: APC
API (B-32)
API-T (BZT-44)
Instant Action Incendiary (MDZ)
Dispersion: <0.22m at 100m
Armor penetration: 30-50 mm RHA (with APC rounds)

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